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Product Care

We are happy to have you as a member of the Wuxly family. Here are some helpful tips to preserve your Wuxly winter jacket for many seasons to come. 

How to wash/dry your jacket? 

For best results, we recommend professional dry-cleaning.

For machine wash, set the temperature preferably at 30 degrees and wash inside out. You can either dry your jacket in the dryer by selecting the “Delicates” mode, or simply letting it dry on a flat surface.

How to store your Parka/Bomber? 

  1. Following winter season, be sure you store your Wuxly jacket in the cleanest condition possible. Specifically, ensure your jacket is free of dirt, sweat and oils. This will prevent degradation from the fabrics. 
  2. Hang your jacket vertically to help preserve the insulation positioning and alignment. 
  3. Use a garment bag to protect your winter jacket from contact and friction. 
  4. Store your winter jacket in a dark, moisture-free environment/space. 

Insulation migration 

Our winter jackets use military-grade synthetic insulation technology -Primaloft. However, due to natural characteristics of the insulation, some material may protrude along the seam from friction and static electricity- this is known as “insulation migration process”. In the event this occurs, here are some tips to stop and/or curtail the migration process.

1- For mild occurrence of migration, a jacket gleener can be used to remove insulation and restore the jackets appearance.

2- A complimentary gleener can be sent by Wuxly, or be purchased at most department stores at a relatively affordable cost.

3- For best results, do not pull the insulation out. 

4- From the inside of the jacket, pull back the insulation as to separate it from the outer shell. With your hand, pull back on the insulation in a "claw" like motion.

5- Should the issue persist, or should you have any further questions as to how to prevent insulation migration, you can book an appointment to come to our Design House https://wuxly.youcanbook.meOR reach our Customer Service Team at hello@wuxly.comor at (647) 812-5479. 

6- If insulation migration progresses beyond a mild level, we can offer to repair/replace your jacket, in which case, you would be responsible for shipping costs. Please refer to the Wuxly Warranty section to submit a request.