Canadian Made - Right down to the Zipper

Performance is #1

We like to have fun and joke around, except when it comes down to the performance of our outerwear. Wuxly uses hardcore tech-based, military-grade PrimaLoft Gold Insulation that outperforms traditional down-filled outerwear. Our form-fitting parkas are made to keep you warm, looking sleek and ready for any adventure winter may have in store for you.


Superior to Goose-down Insulation 

Our Canadian-made parkas are insulated with PrimaLoft® Gold - the best goose-down alternative on the market. Our insulation provides the ultimate warmth-to-weight ratio with breathability making it superior to goose-down. In a Wuxly Parka, you will feel your warmest without the extra bulk like goose down. PrimaLoft® Gold delivers the warmest performance even when wet! It has a ridiculous 98% heat retention when wet compared to 0% for down-filled outerwear.

Beyond the warmth, PrimaLoft® Gold is made from 55% post consumer recycled content. Our parkas are animal friendly, cruelty free, vegan, call it what you want, but animals are peacefully left out of our production. Great! Now your conscience and your body can both feel warm all winter long!


Sustainability is a Commitment 

We are as committed to our planet, as we are committed to the comfort of you feeling and living warm in our outerwear. Made-in-Canada, eco-conscious, high-quality and long-lasting are our middle names. We utilize recycled materials and high-quality parts so that you feel great inside while you wear your Wuxly. We offer an eco-conscious shipping option at our online checkout. Together, we reduce both our carbon footprint, leave animals alone, protect the environment while making the world a warmer place. Look at us - we are creating the warmest Movement together!


Authentically Made in Canada

We have our design house located in Toronto, where our team of creative industry experts work closely to bring the warmth. All of our parkas are made in either Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary! Through manufacturing craftsmanship we are reviving the Canadian parka. We produce locally so that we can ensure people are getting the highest quality in their parka and care for our planet at the same time. This in return supports the Canadian economy and Canadian people! 


We love our warm Partners

We are proud to be the warmest brand who collaborates with local and international organizations to help create a better future for our planet! At Wuxly we always consider ways we can give back to make a better world. Every partnership has helped us to build our Live Warm community and we are grateful for all of our partners, including the following: 

  • Humane Canada
  • Second Harvest
  • Refuge Des Jeunes De Montréal 
  • Youth In Transition 
  • Lookout Housing and Health and Society 
  • The Mustard Seed
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
  • Animal Rights Toronto 
  • Toronto Wildlife Centre
  • Redemption Paws
  • Brands for Canada
  • Eva’s